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Hello, everyone at the Danish Wiktionary. @User:Tyskeren, User:Sarrus, User:HenrikKbh, User:ContraVentum, User:Gamren, and User:Olelog. I am today bringing up the issue of the page Wiktionary:Artikelanmodninger. Sorry that I can't translate this paragraph into good Danish right now. But feel free to speak Danish in this discussion, as I'll still be able to understand it; I'm just bad with grammar and picking the right word to use and such. Philmonte101 (diskussion) 6. aug 2016, 11:35 (UTC)

So anyway, I created this page on another account (RSY) a few years back. I broke a Danish rule when creating this page, I said "artikel anmodninger", which is incorrect, it's supposed to be "artikelanmodninger". I apologize for this and for not ever fixing it.

I intended for this page to be a place where you can use subpages and such to enter in an alleged entry, have a native Danish user go in and check the entry, and then you add it to the dictionary. For example, Wiktionary:Artikelanmodninger/laminectomia is a request I made for the Italian word "laminectomia". I entered text in Artikelanmodninger as if I was going to make an entry about it, and was waiting for an admin or other experienced Danish speaker to go in and check and make sure my translation of "laminectomia" to Danish was correct. Then, after that would be done, I'd enter it into the dictionary as laminectomia.

Other Wiktionaries have all sorts of different kinds of request systems I imagine. I'd rather not get rid of this one, since I like it quite a bit. But I wonder if we can make Wiktionary:Artikelanmodninger a more well-known thing here, something that's linked to in the community a lot, from other Wiktionary namespace pages.

To sum this all up, I just want to know if there's anything else we should do to this page. How can we extend it? Where can we link to it? Can we have active users have this page and subpages on their watchlist? I think a request system would be great for the Danish Wiktionary, as it is lacking in many areas, and if someone doesn't know how to add an entry for whatever reason, they can put it on the list, or make an alleged entry. So, what do you think? Philmonte101 (diskussion) 6. aug 2016, 01:09 (UTC)